DIN Mount Low Voltage Disconnects, 50 Amps


Product Description

The DIN-LVD-48 is pre-set to disconnect the load at 42 VDC. However, to prevent premature or false disconnect when the battery voltage drops below the 42-volt threshold a 2-minute timer is started. If the battery recovers to above 42 volts, the timer resets and waits. The battery can and will recover if the system is a repeater or remote base station or similar equipment that has a varying demand that fluctuates from low to high current. The 2-minute delay ensures the battery is not disconnected until necessary to prevent damage.

After the AC main power is restored and the battery is recharging, the DIN-LVD-48 will reconnect the load when the battery voltage exceeds 50 volts.

Product Specifications

Input Range VDC:
Disconnect / Reconnect VDC:
42 / 50
Amps (Max):
Weight (lbs):
2.75"H x 8"W x 4"D

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