Rack Mount Power Supplies

  • Centri Series HE1U-MU

    Centri Series HE1U-MU

    DuraComm’s redesigned Centri Series fully integrates our SiteCentri remote monitoring and control unit into our HE1U power supplies adding internal relay protection and a status screen for easy setup and on-site monitoring as well as the remote monitoring and control functions of our SiteCentri unit. All Centri Series units incorporate a backup battery maintenance system with an independent 3-stage, 120 watt smart charger for fast battery charging and maintenance, dual diode isolation, and battery terminals. ***Battery charger is switch selectable 110/220 AC input

    See Introduction Video

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  • HE1U Series

    HE1U Series

    The high efficiency HE1U series DC power supply is designed to provide maximum power in a small package. These high power density units are only 1RU high and 14” deep, yet are able to provide up to 1500 watts from a single AC power outlet. Built into our sturdy chassis with . inch output studs and a terminal strip for DC-OK and internal power supply remote On/Off control.

    350 watt, 750 Watt, 1500 Watt Available 

  • Redundant Power Systems

    Redundant Power Systems

    DuraComm’s redundant power models incorporate a second module in passive (N+1) or active (1+1) configurations. DC ok/fail contacts for each model on the back of the unit.

    N+1 passive redundancy models:  the second power module is in standby mode until the primary module fails
    - HE1U-5012-N+1
    - HE1U-2524-N+1
    - HE1U-1248-N+1
    - RLP-4012-N+1
    - RLP-2024-N+1
    - RLP-1048-N+1

    1+1 active redundancy models: these units have independent power modules in a parallel, load sharing configuration.  De-rate the total current output of each unit by half for 1+1 redundant output capacity.
    - HE1U-10012
    - HE1U-5024
    - HE1U-2548
    - RLP-8012
    - RLP-4024
    - RLP-2048
    - RM-10012 / RM-10012M
    - RM-7512 / RM-7512M
    - RM-5012 / RM-5012M
    - RM-5024 / RM-5024M
    - RM-2524 / RM-2524M
    - RM-2548 / RM-2548M

  • RLP 3RU Series

    RLP 3RU Series

    2.4kW Features

    The RLP 2.4 kW is a heavy duty AC to DC rack mount power supply. It offers 50 Amps, 48 VDC and up to 2400 Watts of output power at an 80% efficiency level. The model is designed for 220 VAC only. It offers a floating DC output and can be used in positive or negative ground applications without any changes.

    3kW Features

    The RLP-3kW Series is a heavy duty rack mount power supply. The RLP-3kW series has a power factor correction of 0.95 and 3000 watts of output power at 90 percent efficiency. This model is usable in positive or negative ground applications with 1500 watt N+1 redundancy.

  • RLP Series

    RLP Series

    The RLP Series is a Heavy Duty AC to DC Power Supply, comes with a built-in meter that can monitor voltage and amperage by simply switching the Knob that is located to the right of the display (Note: the RLP Series can only monitor one input at a time). Along with a metered display the RLP comes with remote sense and remote control. The RLP Series has auto ranging input voltage from 100 to 260 VAC and comes with four layers of protection short circuit, overload, over voltage, and over temperature.

    - Battery Back-up (BB)
    - Smart Charging (SC)
    - Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)

  • RLP-MU Series

    RLP-MU Series

    The RLP-MU is a Heavy Duty AC to DC Power Supply with smart charger that is web ready for remote monitoring and control

  • RM Series

    RM Series

    The RM series is a heavy duty AC to DC power supply with 80 percent efficiency and has a selectable 110 of 220 VAC inputs with adjustable output voltage.

  • RMBC / RMBB / RMBC-ACF Series

    RMBC / RMBB / RMBC-ACF Series

    RMBC and RMBB combine with RM series power supplies to provide solid state battery backup operation. They can handle up to 75 amps continuous and up to 60 VDC input.

  • RMF Series

    RMF Series

    The RMF Series has an auto range voltage input of 90 to 264 VAC, with 63 Hz or 120 to 370 VDC. This unit comes with three available outputs that are adjustable; these outputs are available in 12, 24, and 48 VDC. All RMF devices have a built-in TTL remote control and remote sense along with a DC-OK TTL signal, along with short circuit, over load, over voltage, over temperature protections, and hold UL, CE, TUV, CUL approvals.

  • RMSL Series

    RMSL Series

    The RMSL Series is an AC to DC power supply that has switch selectable AC input voltage. All RMSL modules have build-in EMI filter and hold UL approvals.

    The RMSL-1248 will no longer be available effective 09/01/2018. The replacement model is the RMF-1048.

  • RU1 & RU2-BMS Series

    RU1 & RU2-BMS Series

    RU1 Models

    The RU1-BMS Series is a complete power supply and battery management system. Smart Charging and battery protecting Low Voltage Disconnect maintain and prevent battery failures caused by over-charging and excessively deep discharging

    RU2 Models

    The RU2-BMS Series is a power supply and battery management system. The RU2-BMS offers continuous duty power supply with a built in smart charger, diode isolation and low voltage disconnect (LVD)

  • RU1 Series

    RU1 Series

    The RU1 Series has a universal AC input and full range. These units have a high efficiency of up to 89 percent. The operating temperature for these units is -40 C to over 70 C with a built-in cooling fan. All of the RU1 series come with at least three layers of protection from short circuit, overload, over voltage, and over temperature.

  • RUR Series

    RUR Series

    The RUR Series is a high power density power supply that delivers a big performance for its dimensions and weight. All of the RUR series products come with remote sense with on-off control along with active surge current limiting.

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