Battery Chargers

  • ENC Series

    ENC Series

    The ENC Series is a Desktop Single Output Battery Charger provides programmable charging for lead-acid and Li-ion batteries.

  • SC Series

    SC Series

    The SC series is designed to auto-charge and maintain Gelled electrolyte (Gel-Cell) and liquid electrolyte lead-acid batteries. 

  • PB Series

    PB Series

    The PB Series is a high capacity smart charger that is designed to provide optimal battery care and maintenance.

  • BCR Series

    BCR Series

    The BCR Series is an intelligent rack mount battery charger that comes with a built-in Active Power Factor Correction and is microprocessor controlled. 

  • MMBB / MMBC Battery Back Up Modules

    MMBB / MMBC Battery Back Up Modules

    - May be used in 13.8, 27.5, 48.0 VDC systems
    - MMBB provides dual diode isolation but without battery
    - MMBC provides dual isolation and float charge battery maintenance
    - High capacity, handle up to 75 Amps continuous

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