Battery Chargers

  • BC-LFP Series

    BC-LFP Series

    The BC-LFP Series Battery Chargers are designed to charge & maintain LiFePo4 batteries with an internal BMS controller only. The BC-LFP converts 108~132 VAC to the nominal regulated DC Voltage for LiFePo4 battery charging. The charger is programmed to provide Bulk Charging until the battery is near full capacity and then float charging to prevent self-discharge and maximum battery performance. NOTE: The BC-LFP is for charging LiFePo4 batteries with an internal BMS controller only. It is not for charging unprotected LiFePo batteries or any other type of battery.
  • ENC Series

    ENC Series

    The ENC Series is a Desktop Single Output Battery Charger provides programmable charging for lead-acid and Li-ion batteries.

  • SC Series

    SC Series

    The SC series is designed to auto-charge and maintain Gelled electrolyte (Gel-Cell) and liquid electrolyte lead-acid batteries. 

  • PB Series

    PB Series

    The PB Series is a high capacity smart charger that is designed to provide optimal battery care and maintenance.

  • BCR Series

    BCR Series

    The BCR Series is an intelligent rack mount battery charger that comes with a built-in Active Power Factor Correction and is microprocessor controlled. 

  • MMBB / MMBC Battery Back Up Modules

    MMBB / MMBC Battery Back Up Modules

    - May be used in 13.8, 27.5, 48.0 VDC systems
    - MMBB provides dual diode isolation but without battery
    - MMBC provides dual isolation and float charge battery maintenance
    - High capacity, handle up to 75 Amps continuous

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