Designed to custom mount on the rear panel of RM Series power supplies to provide a solid-­state battery backup system

Product Description

The RMBC-ACF-24 model is complementary products to the RM series. The model can be used as power supplies to provide solid-state battery backup system. The dual shottky diodes provide protective isolation and seamless transfer to battery when power goes down along with dual diode isolation and float charge battery maintenance.

Product Specifications

Input Range VDC:
Suggested Battery Capacity:
35-50 Ah
Output Current to Battery @ 13.8 VDC (Amps):
Output Current to Battery @ 27.5 VDC (Amps):
1-3 Amps
Output Current to Battery @ 55.2 VDC (Amps):
Amps (Max):
Weight (lbs):

Downloadable PDFs

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